Konstnärinnan Jennifer V Franzén har skapat en hel serie akrylmålningar på canvas med monster i olika form.

En av tavlorna heter ”I’m on Fire”
Som betraktare till ”I’m on fire” känner man sig väldigt liten och maktlös. Med sina115x89 cm är den verkligen mäktig. Motivet symboliserar en svår och dubbelbottnad problematik med förövare och utsatta barn.

Med tavlan följer en inramad text om motivet.

Under en vernissage i Uppsala donerades tavlan till Föreningen Dumpen. Tavlan kommer att säljas på vårt Traderakonto.
Hela intäkten kommer att bekosta traumabehandling till utsatta.

Tack Jennifer din insats räddar liv ❤

Här kan ni följa och bjuda på auktionen:


Text om tavlan:

Weeeell.. let’s talk about sex baby.
Or not sex per se but the feeling of sexuality and desire. Such a wonderful sensation for many of us and at the same time others personal and social undoing.
Desire is beautiful when the person we desire fancy us back. If not, desire can be true hell. It is when we ignore this and go for what we crave anyways that this feeling really turns us into monsters. The most horrible, hideous monster this world has ever created. A sexual predator. A sexual predator has no sense of compassion or empathy. They only care about their need to still their lust. By any means necessary. There is no real goal, no achievement to their existence. Just giving themselves pleasure by taking it away from others. In our world today it’s very clear to us what’s right and what’s wrong. We are taught and informed about this from the moment we are born until the moment that we die. So we all know that we are not to hurt another living creature. Yet some of us are born with the sentiment that they need to. We ALL desire things that we can’t have, not in a sexual way every time but in a greedy way. We all have to make active decisions to be good people. To choose the right path and continue to grow from our experiences together. If you choose to give in to your desires when they are not wanted, you will walk alone. You will stop learning and be left an outcast. So where is the middle ground for these people? Where can they get help? Where can they talk about these feelings and instead of getting rejected, get tools to help them deal with this emotion and all the other emotions this abnormality must create. This painting I created for you today is to introduce an organisation that actually deals with everyone this monster touches.From the people who are born with this monster inside, to the predators that acted on it and most importantly their victims. Getting rid of this monster is a job that will never end. Lighting one soul at a time they are creating a way for us to understand and fight back.
Give it up for Dumpen!


5 thoughts on “Dumpentavlan ”I’m on fire” Jennifer V Franzén

  1. Tavlan visar hur det kan kännas för någon som har blivit utsatt och därmed en mycket obehaglig bild..

  2. Skrämmande målning, men sann. Fick mig att tänka på en känd brittisk programledare (tror inte namn behöver nämnas här) som i många år förgrep sig på barn under sin täckmantel. Tyckte mig se honom i monstrets ansikte.

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